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 Fight Of Characters Competition

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PostSubject: Fight Of Characters Competition   Thu Aug 25, 2011 10:49 am

Competition Info & Rules

Map: Fight of Characters Season 3 - 8.8o
Map download link:
Organizer: DEAncientNaga / Teckyang97
Game host: Not decided yet
Time: Not decided yet
Competition room: Malaysia War 3 Custom Map: Fufu United Ninja Room 8 (v1.24e)

Reward: 1 month Garena gold member! (Gives molpoints top-up codes)
Rewarded team limit: 3 Teams (might add more in future)

Attention: There will be NO items or characters banning in the competition!

1. In order to get prize for the competition, you must get a 3-players team (3v3 games)

2. If 1 of the player from your team out of the competition while it is still holding, you may choose one of these options:
-Continue battling (get rewards still if your team wins)
-Surrender the battle (you and you teammate will be disqualified)

3. You may select random players / public players for your team if you don't mind

4. If the game becomes 2v2, the round will be considered as a tie, means neither any team wins and will continue at the next 3v3 match

5. Get the reward after your team beat any other teams by 3 rounds (means you win 3 rounds in 3v3)

6. Reward will be given each member in the team which won 3 games versus any other team

7. Rewarded OR disqualified team cannot participate in current competition anymore

8. Rewards will be given which team first win the 3 rounds, first come first serve
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Fight Of Characters Competition
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